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Season Ending Awards

By Joe LaCour / Nancy Dann, 01/20/18, 11:00PM EST


Year End Awards (updated to include Labre, Gensler and Academic Team Awards )

There are a number of Year End Awards for which MSHL players, coaches and teams are eligible. 


1.  Hobey Baker High School Character Award

Link to the Hobey Baker HS Character Award Letter and instructions


2.  Yvon Labre Award


The MSHL, in cooperation with and sponsored by The Gardens Ice House, will be presenting this Season's YVON LABRE AWARD between the Championship games on 26 February 2018. This award is presented each year to a high school senior who has successfully completed his or her career in the MSHL. An award plaque listing this Season's winner will be maintained in The Gardens Ice House. Seniors registered to play with an MSHL Team are eligible for nomination by their Team Coach for this award.

As everyone knows, Yvon was the heart and soul of the Washington Capitals. We truly believe that by naming this trophy in his honor, we will acknowledge an all star athlete who, like Yvon, plays the game with skill, dignity, and honor. To be considered for this honor, your candidate should display the following:

  • 100% dedication to the sport of ice hockey
  • Superior work ethic
  • Exceptional hockey skills
  • Team leadership characteristics.

The 2017 Season's YVON LABRE AWARD was presented to Dorsey Schulz, a senior from Kent Island High School.

All letters of nomination should go into detail with regards to the above evaluation criteria. Please have your nominations by email to Joe LaCour,, no later than 8:00 PM, Friday, February 9th. The award will be presented at the Championship games on Monday, 26 February. Help us recognize an outstanding player. Participate by getting your nomination in early!


The 2018 Awardee is Dylan Healy, Winston Churchill HS


3.  Don and Iva Gensler Adult Volunteer of the Year Award

    As we approach the end of the 2017-2018 season, nominations for the Gensler Award are now being accepted.  Who is the superhero from your conference?

This award is presented each year by the MSHL to a volunteer who has been nominated by their peers who has given of their time for the betterment of all involved on their individual team, their conference and the MSHL.  Don Gensler's passion for this game was infectious to anyone who had the honor of knowing and working with him.  Let us honor another person who devotes as much passion as the Genslers' did for all of us.
All letters of nomination need to be submitted to Kathy Drzewicki ( by 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.   No submissions will be accepted after this deadline.  The award will be presented before the MSHL Championship game on Monday February 26, 2018.
When submitting your letter, please make sure that the topic line states "Gensler Award".  The nominations will be reviewed and voted on by members of the MSHL Gensler Award Committee.  The winner and the nominating letter submitter will be notified prior to the championship game so they can be present for the award.
If you have someone who you feel should be nominated, please submit a letter outlining in complete details the achievements which you would like them to be recognized for.  Give examples of how they volunteered their time, made a difference to their team, to their conference, and/or the MSHL as a whole. 
The nomination letter must contain the following:
1)  Detailed achievements for the past two (2) plus years at their team and conference level.  (Consideration for the award is only given to parties which have been active for at least 2 years.)
2)  How they have impacted a player, team and/or conference with their participation and leadership.
3)  What is the one thing that stands out as to why you are nominating this individual.  
Please make sure that your nominating letter gives complete details.  Give us examples so we can picture this person and all the great works that they have done to deserve this wonderful award.
The 2018 Awardee is:  Ken Cheney, Howard HS


4.   Coach of the Year Award

      Awardee is:  Nate Richmond, Montgomery Blair


5.   Team Sportsmanship Award

      Awarded to the team with the average lowest penalty minutes / game.

The 2018 MSHL Sportsmanship is awarded to the Mt. Hebron Vikings


6. Individual MSHL Academic Honor Roll

All student athletes with a weighted GPA of 3.5 or greater will be recognized with a certificate and pin for achieving exemplary academics while playing high school ice hockey.  The Conference Registrar will coordinate the collection of data and the distribution of certificates and pins.  


The MSHL calculation for weighted GPA is computed as follows:

Add the point for each grade from two quarters of completed courses.  Divide by the number of courses using the following point system:

GT/AP or IB Diploma (11th & 12th) course: 5 point scale - A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E or F=0

Honors or IB MYP (9th & 10th) course: 4.5 point scale - A=4.5, B=3.5, C=2.5, D=1.5, E or F=0

General course: 4.0 point scale - A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, E or F=0


Send your Conference Registrar one spreadsheet per team that includes the following columns: Student's Name, Student's School, Student's Team, Student's weighted GPA, and Team contact's email.  In addition, send a scanned pdf file of the students' report cards showing two quarters of grades.  Please, no jpg files.


7.  Team MSHL Academic Honor Roll

The team with the highest average weighted GPA will be recognized by the MSHL with a plaque awarded before the Championship game on 2/26/18.  The winning team will be notified prior to the championship game so they can have a representative present for the award.   Send your team's packet to Nancy Dann at by Wednesday, 2/14/18.  

The team packet must include the following:

1)  Use the weighting above for individuals.

2)  Use all students on the roster who have played 3 or more games (conference + non-conference).

3) For any missing report cards, the player will be assigned a 1.0 GPA.

4) Compute all individual weighted GPA's and an average weighted team GPA.

5) The Team's application should come as one packet.  Include all players' report cards in a scanned file plus the weighted GPA computations in either spreadsheet or manual format.  Please, no jpg files.  For a sample excel spreadsheet, contact Nancy Dann.


The Team Academic Champion is:   Carroll County