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2022 - 23 Rules Changes

By MSHL Staff, 10/01/22, 12:00AM EDT


Overtime is coming!

The MSHL Board has approved the following rules changes for the 2022-23 Season:


  • Overtime in regular season varsity and girls games (not JV).  If the score is tied at the end of regulation and sufficient time remains in the ice slot (or the rink lets you go long), teams will play a 3x3 five minute sudden death overtime period.  6 goal timing rules will be used.  We will follow the NHL overtime rules on penalties (4x3, then 4x4 when the penalty expires, then resume 3x3 at the next stoppage.  Note that a penalty can only expire when play is in progress.  If the penalty clock goes to 0:00 during a stoppage, the player is released at the puck drop and we play 4x4 until the next stoppage).  If nobody scores in the OT, the game will be a tie.
  • Points for an MSHL Varsity and Girls game will be:
    • 3 points for a win in regulation
    • 2 points for a win in overtime
    • 1 point for an overtime loss
    • 1.5 points for a tie
    • 0 points for a regulation loss
  • The number of players from one school on a cooperative team is increased to 15.  The 16th player from a single school will result in the team becoming pure and the other players will be reassigned to another cooperative team.  However, only 13 players from one school may dress and play in any MSHL game.  This rule does not apply to a "goalie cooperative" or to a team that rosters home schooled students.
  • The 22 game limit does not apply to goaltenders rostered on both varsity and JV teams.
  • Home schooled students may play without restriction in the league.  Students will be assigned to the public school team that they would be attending if they were registered in the school system.  As a result, the student will play for either a cooperative team or a pure team.  Note that, per USA Hockey rules, a home schooled student immediately makes any team a cooperative team.


  • Per a change in USA Hockey By-Laws regarding changes to the USA Hockey playing rules, the MSHL roster exception of 21 players (19 skaters, max) was rescinded.  MSHL teams must comply with the USA Hockey roster limit of 20 players (18 skaters max).