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All-Star Game Highlights Talent and Competition

By Margaret Heltzel, 02/01/19, 9:30AM EST


The South claimed victory in the 2018-2019 All-Star Game, although both teams displayed phenomenal play.

The North Division and South Division All-Star teams took to the ice Monday for the game that celebrates talent and competition. Back-to-back goals by both teams, quick skating, and a momentous tip shot are just samples of the excitement. Although the North outshot the South 34-25, the South’s efficiency beat the competition 4-2.  


Alex Simuro and Luke Borostovik were named MVPs for the North and the South respectively. Both speak to the quality of play that hit the ice, teammates and rivals alike. “The line I was on generated three out of the four goals for the South,” says Borostovik. “Anyone of my linemates could have gotten [MVP].”  Both goals and assists are well distributed among skaters

In the first period, John Boyle and Borostovik scored within 20 seconds of one another to put the South ahead. “It didn’t take long to mesh,” says Borostovik. “The talent we had on the team allowed everyone to click together quickly.” William Yao assisted both of the goals in that period. His speed caught the attention of the arena.


 The North answered with two goals in the second period. Patrick Brown finessed a tip of the shot from the point by Oliver Kruszka. Ryan Powell’s goal for the South halted the North’s momentum, tipping the scales in the South’s favor. The South’s fourth goal was scored in the final period by Zachary Jones and assisted by Borostovik. Powerful offensive play was matched by solid defense. The South’s goaltenders, Ben Kelly and Ethan McNuff, bookended the game with clean sheets.  


Alex Simuro speaks to the fun in great competition – the intended charm of the game. Congratulations to all of the players who competed in this season’s All-Star Game.


Looking forward, the first round of postseason play will kick-off February 11. Best of luck to all of the CSHL teams in the coming weeks.