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2018 - 19 Rules Changes

By Joe LaCour, 08/09/18, 8:15PM EDT


Rules Changes for 2018-19

2018 - 2019 Rules Changes

1.  Regular Season Overtime

     Conferences may implement an overtime period for their regular season games.  The MSHL will use the NHL Regular Season OT procedures (5 minute sudden death 3 x 3) along with MSHL 6 goal timing (running time)

     Should there be sufficient time in the ice slot (it is strongly advised to check with the rink if you can go over your slot by a little bit):

  • Team will change ends
  • Teams will play 3 x 3
  • 5:00 will be put on the game clock.
  • Clock will run and will only stop for imposition of a penalty or at the behest of the on ice officials
  • A goal will end the game
  • If no goal is scored, the game will be declared a tie
  • Penalties will increase the on ice strength to 4 x 3.  When the penalty expires, teams will play 4 x 4 until a stoppage whereupon play will resume 3 x 3.
  • If insufficient time remains in the ice slot to play the OT, the game will be declared a tie.

2.  Length of periods for Junior Varsity

     Conferences may, at their discretion, play 15 minute periods for Junior Varsity games.