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New 2017-18 Registration Requirements

By Bob Otte, 10/06/17, 12:30PM EDT


Revised Registraton Requirements

Subject: Registration Requirements.


Welcome to the new hockey season. Over the summer, USAH and the PVAHA have made changes that involve creating teams and getting rosters approved.


  1. USAH now requires that staff has completed Safe Sport training before you can add them to the 1-T roster.
  2. USAH now requires that a coach has completed the correct age appropriate module before you can add them to the 1-T roster.

You can run the Coaching Education Program and the SafeSport and Screening reports in your Registry to find out who has not completed the requirements.


You may recall that last year the Registry did not have all the drop downs that we needed. Beth and I were able to get USAH to modify the dropdowns for the PVAHA separately than the SE District. You can now create Tier II B teams for instance. We also had them remove many combinations that did not make sense such as Tier I AAA Girls 6 and under…..


Based on changes in the PVAHA, the following will be enforced. (Some of these are not new)


  1. All CBHL teams will be Tier II with the exception of Mites.
  2. Mites will be Cross Ice (I missed one, you can’t select A or B so put that in the title of the team)
  3. The PVAHA defined Travel Hockey. Definition below. All CCHL and High School teams must submit Travel 1-T rosters not Recreational.
  4. Recreational hockey is reserved for teams that play within their association’s rinks only.
  5. All Tiered, Travel and Tournament rosters must have date of birth and citizenship verified or the players will be redlined.
  6. All Tiered, Travel and Tournament rosters must have a manager designated and that manager needs to complete Safe Sport and a Background Screen.

The PVAHA has a new Background Screening company.  The screens are more through and thus take a bit more time. Most go through in a few days but some have taken more than 10 days. Be sure that they get them in at least a week before you need the roster approved.


Starting on December 1st, I will not be able to approve a coach on a roster unless he/she has completed a clinic. Even though coaches have until 12/31 to complete a clinic, the PVAHA created a new rule which requires that they have a clinic beyond 12/31 of the current season before they can be added after 11/30.


From the PVAHA Rules.

6   Statement of Principle for Travel Teams:  The Travel category in USA Hockey is reserved for non-Tiered teams that play in leagues or regularly travel outside of their home rink to play games. Non-community or billet players should not participate at the Travel level. Travel teams, with the exception of High School teams, are not eligible to participate in any Affiliate, District or USA Hockey National Championships. Travel level teams must submit rosters to the appropriate Associate Registrar so that so that background screening and coach CEP levels may be verified. During the regular season of play (September 1–March 15) teams submitting a Travel level team roster to their Affiliate Associate Registrar may not request “AAA” classification. The PVAHA requires that teams playing in the CCHL league and all High School Leagues register as Travel teams on their USA Hockey Roster Registration Form (1-T).