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2021 - 22 MSHL COVID Procedures

The Rules for the 20-21 season are canceled.  Please observe the following:


If you're sick or feel sick, stay home.  We don't care if it's the common cold, flu, COVID or the plague.  STAY HOME!!!

Follow the Maryland and CDC and your local school system guidance.

If you are diagnosed with COVID, or had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID, let your team manager know ASAP.  There may be quarantine time.

Obey all rink instructions regarding mask and social distancing requirements.


Maryland COVID FAQ can be found HERE

2020 - 21 COVID-19 Changes to MSHL procedures and rules

NOTE:  These changes are in effect until competent government authorities or other governing bodies rescind the current stages


  • Please read the Maryland Sports Commission Sports Guidelines on the other side of this page.  The Arena and Pre and Post Game Modifications apply to all MSHL teams.
  • Per the September 24 guidance from the Maryland Sports Commission, body check hockey remains high risk.  Body contact (no check) is now classified as a medium risk sport.  Depending on where you are playing, you may be limited on what type of hockey (body contact or body check) hockey you can play.
  • December 28 update: Maryland has issued new travel and quarantine requirements for non essential travel outside of the states that are contiguous to Maryland.  Please read the Governor's release on the right.  Any MSHL player or team personnel who travel outside of the Maryland "bubble" must comply with the Governor's order before they may resume MSHL play.

Charles County announced earlier this month that only players who play exclusively in the three southern counties (Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's) may use the Capital Clubhouse in Waldorf.  This effectively prohibits the Southern Conference from playing at that facility.  The MSHL and the Southern Conference are working on solutions.

  • October 29 update: As of this date, the MVHL and Howard Conferences are body check conferences.  By law, the Montgomery is a body contact conference as Montgomery county only permits body contact play.  Teams based in Prince George's County as well as games played in PG County are also required to play body contact hockey.  If a body contact team plays a body check team, the game must be played using body contact rules.
  • 18 year old players are considered adults.  If your rink requires adults to wear a mask at all times on and off the ice or bench, you must comply.  Managers must monitor players that turn 18 during the season and notify the player that they may have to wear a mask at all times in certain rinks.
  • All State and local health department regulations are to be complied with.  Rink directives must be followed.  Failure to follow the regulations or directives will result in disciplinary action including suspensions and game forfeits.
  • To comply with social distancing, only a maximum of 16 players will be available to play during any one period of a game.
    • 6 on the ice
    • 5 on the bench, socially distanced
    • 5 next to the bench, also socially distanced
    • If a team dresses more than 16 for a game, the other players must be in an area designated by the rink and can be switched out at a period break or to substitute for a player removed from the ice and/or bench area due to injury.  (NOTE: If the rink has provided sufficient space for the 15 players not on the ice, then all 21 are eligible to play that period)
  • All minor (off ice) officials MUST wear a face mask
    • Only a timekeeper and a scorekeeper are permitted in the scorer's table area.
  • Injured players are not permitted to be behind the bench.  (11/3/20)
  • Penalized players are to proceed to the penalty box.  Players serving 10 minute misconducts will be removed and stationed in an area away from others for the duration of their penalty.
  • Only one player in the penalty box at a time.  The MSHL will work with our rink partners to determine where the other penalized players should be located. (9/24/20).
  • Players and coaches receiving game suspension penalties are to remove themselves from the rink immediately.  Players will remove their skates before leaving the rink.

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